Why You Should Consider a Lead Generation System


What is lead generation?


Lead generation is the pre-cursor to customer acquisition. Some businesses use lead generation systems to create targeted advertisements for brands. But for most part, lead nurturing involves building relationships with potential customers, earning their trust, and converting them into customers.


Lead generation emerged as an alternative to cold-calling, which has become somewhat obsolete in today’s connected, mobile world with internet-savvy consumers. It is not difficult to imagine why only a mere 2 per cent of cold calls result in an appointment. Lead generation focuses on consumers who are either ready to make a purchasing decision or interested in your product but not ready to buy yet.


How does a lead generation system work?


At its core, lead generation helps you identify signals that your target audience is ready to be funneled along the sales journey. You can reach out to qualified leads before they can contact your sales team. This is a crucial benefit in today’s business landscape where buyers can get information about your brand without speaking to your sales representatives. Unlike cold-calling, where you’re trying to convince an uneducated early-stage buyer, lead generation offers a way to enhance buyers’ existing interest and reach out to them at the most opportune times.


What are the various components of a lead generation system?


A lead generation system is the sum of many techniques. They include websites, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), social media, email marketing, webinars, tradeshows/conferences, print advertising and direct mail. Some are more effective than others, and the digital marketing techniques are especially significant in creating a healthy pipeline of qualified leads.


Businesses may use automated lead generation systems (software) that automate sales and marketing actions such as identifying prospects, in order to save busy marketers time and energy. Such a system may automate repetitive tasks like sending emails and managing social media engagement. A good automated lead generation system combines automation technology, rich data research and human data analysts to implement a customized auto-response mechanism. It also provides prospect engagement reports, and monitors performance for better optimization.

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