Cost Saving

We have head many a person tell us that they are going to do it themselves, sure we don't care that's why we provide the solutions on this page. However, life is to short for us not to point a couple facts out that will save you time and money.

It really is a myth, check out our details below.

Take an example we had recently, we had a ``friend`` that decided to hire their own in house Social Media Manager, we asked the usual question Why? The answer was to save money. So we asked a few more questions, How much are you going to pay them? We want a good one they said, so we are going to pay them $75,000 a year. We pointed out that was a cheap experienced person, however, still costing them $6250 per month plus they will have holidays and sick days.
Compare that with our Social Full Spotlight Package @ $4680+GST our service continues 24/7 365 days it doesn't take holidays or sick days.


The proof is in the pudding, many times people intend to do post regularly etc... but they get busy and guess what get left off the list. Do you know what this does to your client engagement?

With Fully Managed Solutions

The show still goes on, even if you are crazy busy. This gives your client confidence that you have everything under control. They are more likely to engage when they witness that you are regularly active.

Power In Numbers

Everyone knows there is there power in numbers, Everyone knows that creativity comes best from brainstorm sessions of multiple people.

Why would you want to limit your Social Media Marketing to a person

Another benefit of Managed Social Media Marketing packages is that you have more than one set of trained professional reviewing your work and strategy. The power of a team can't be under estimated particularly when a situation arises that requires careful management for the best result. What is your company or personal reputation worth?

Self Managed Social Media Packages
Self Managed Kite Social Platform X 10 Email $129

Self Managed Plus Kite Social Platform

Included 60 Email/Phone $249