Small Business Marketing Package – Omni-Local

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Product Description

Improve your local business awareness with an all-in-one solution that consists of PPC, Facebook, and Local Marketing.
The Omni-Local Marketing bundle consisting of Facebook Local, Small PPC, and Local Marketing will provide more awareness and traffic to your website, making your business easier to find.
Key Features:
• Unique Social Media Strategy: Content Strategy, Brand Analysis, Competitor Analysis
• Facebook Page Setup and Local Business Verification (Cover Photos, text)
• Facebook campaign created specifically for small businesses, optimized to drive foot traffic and gain awareness within the immediate vicinity of the small business
• Highly collaborative – tailored content based on the promos of the small business for the month. Email sent every month to the digital agency for information for the month.
• Localized audiences researched and targeted for their high-affinity with the product or service the small business offer via proprietary affinity targeting based on audience engagement data
• Built-in ad budget to boost each post to the unique audience, guaranteed reach and impressions per post
• Monthly Facebook performance report, including content report, audience report, and local reach report
• Extensive on-page optimization (up to 10 pages) which includes web copy writing, tag and header optimizations, URL rewrites, and meta data optimization among others.
• Maximum of 2 keyword groups with a search volume of up to 2,000 (1,000 per group)
• Google AdWords Account Setup, Research and Analysis including Keyword Research, Ad Grouping, Ad Text Creation, Budget Analysis and Geo-Targeting.
• Landing page audit and recommendation based on conversion-centric optimization.
• Calibration and bid optimization plus campaign monitoring and analysis including Conversion Tracking, Traffic Statistics Analysis, and Analytics Monitoring.
• Setup Report, Monthly Performance Report, Dashboard
Product Details:
• Social Media Strategy for Facebook (first month)
• 12 original, high-quality graphics every month created for the small business
• Custom design, 100% original, created specifically for the end-client
• Two localized tailored audiences crafted via 4C Insights
• Monthly Facebook Performance Report
• 10 targeted keywords
• Google Adwords Account Setup, Research & Analysis
– Keyword Research
– Ad Group
– Ad Text Creation
– PPC Budget Analysis
– AdWords Conversion Tracking Code
– Search Network Campaign
– Geo-targeting (Locations)
– Google Analytics
– Linking Adwords & Google Analytics
– Google Analytics Tracking Code Setup
• PPC Campaign Monitoring & Analysis
– Conversion Tracking
– Traffic Statistics Analysis
– Analytics Monitoring
– Campaign Management
– Keyword Matching Options
– Keyword Bid Management
– Geo-targeting
– Campaign Analysis & Optimization
– Search Queary Report Analysis
– Conversion Tracking
– Traffic Stastics Analysis
– Invalid/Fraud Click Analysis (Adwords Only)
– Analytics Monitoring
• Performance Reporting
– Month 1 Setup Report
– Monthly Performance Reports


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